Embody Your Purpose Coaching with Dylan Newcomb

Coaching is offered in packages of 12 sessions, on an either bi-weekly, weekly or 2x weekly basis. Choose the frequency that works best for You. All packages include the following:

  • Twelve 75-minute Embody Your Purpose Coaching Sessions with Dylan Newcomb
  • A customized Trello Board to support your coaching journey and keep you effectively focused on making progress.
  • Text support from Dylan between sessions to help you keep you moving forward with your integration exercises.
  • Begin risk free! Get a 100% refund if, after your first session, you decide this isn't a fit for you now.


Every Other Week for 6 Months

Twelve 75-Minute Sessions  

$450 for 6 months


Once a Week for 3 Months

Twelve 75-Minute Sessions  

$800 for 3 months

2x Weekly

Twice a Week for 1.5 Months

Twelve 75-Minute Sessions  

$1100 for 2 months

If you have any questions around how my Embody Your Purpose coaching methodology could be a good fit for you, or about any of these 3 packages in particular, please don't hesitate to email me at [email protected]uzazu.org, or call me at 207-841-6770!

In service, Dylan Newcomb