Coaching Client Testimonials

Here's a short selection of  what clients have been saying about working privately with Dylan Newcomb...


I can now bring my idea into Reality!

Working with Dylan for the past months, I can now bring my idea into reality. He is helping me transform a big, underdeveloped idea into something concrete and he's supporting me to create ways I can powerfully communicate that!

Penny Harris Renewable Philanthropy

No one in the world I trust more

There's no one in the world I trust more than Dylan Newcomb to reflect and support the full-spectrum of opportunities available to me. I worked with Dylan after completing my Masters in Conscious Evolution so I could fully embody the promise of what I knew was possible, to make my purpose real and come alive in my life.

Alex Iglecia MA, Speaker, Facilitator, Catalyst for High-Impact Business Partnerships

My Purpose, more clearly defined

As a trainer, author, consultant and Biofeedback Specialist, I became more aware of the interconnectedness of all aspects of my work. I can now more clearly define my sense of purpose in the world.

Jean Seville Suffield Senior Faculty, William Glasser Institute

I feel empowered and clear

“For me, committing the time was a concern. I'm so busy and wasn't sure what the value would be.

Taking my challenges and putting them into my body was a completely new way of relating to them. Once I did this, with Dylan’s guidance, I had new, incredibly useful perspectives available to me.

One pair of movements clearly showed me that to be a better leader was not in the traditional way we think of leading, but rather listening more clearly. This changed my perspective and solved a huge problem I was facing.

Another huge outcome was a movement that helped me feel presence and clarity while in the middle of a lot of chaos. It's hard to describe, but I left the session feeling empowered and clear, and that feeling has stayed since the session weeks ago.

There is nothing else like it. We are very much lost in "mind-stuff" these days and getting into movement in this context is unlike anything I've seen out there. It's powerful stuff!

I deeply appreciate the skill and presence of Dylan. He’s a master at what he does.”

Rob Scott Life Coach & Marketer

Extremely soul-nourishing and life-confirming

What benefits me most is the enormous space Dylan creates in which every aspect of Self (or Reality) is honored and valued and then can be explored from that space. It is extremely soul nourishing and life confirming/fulfilling to be seen and to experience myself as a whole, leaving nothing out. Dylan is very gifted in meeting you where you are, fully honoring that, and then working from there to whatever naturally reveals itself to be seen and included. He is able to hold and work with different dimensions of being at the same time and does that with a big heart, enthusiasm, humor and great clarity.

The breakthroughs I had in a very short period are:
- The release of an enormous invisible load of family energies I wasn’t even aware of I was carrying with me at all.
- The many doors that suddenly stood open which I stepped through easily in the sense of changing habits: I meditate everyday, I run (almost) everyday, I go to sleep early and go up early, I do not watch tv before going to sleep, I only do Facebook an hour a day, I quitted drinking wine habitually with my diner every evening. These are habits I wanted to have for a long time and now I am experiencing that it is much easier to grow new habits than I ever thought.
- I deeply experience myself and life being whole and to look from that wholeness to the different situations, challenges and areas of my life and in that unity to be able to take multiple perspectives on the arising objects, valuing each of them in their own right.
- I understand much deeper the way I am walking and the direction it takes. That gives a deeper trust and focus at the same time.
- Almost forgot! I launched my business with great confidence: Transforming Self and Society – The Social Artist’s Way.

I specifically recommend the coaching Dylan offers to people who are seeking to integrate wholeness/unity into their moment to moment awareness and actions. People who have a deep sense of unity or oneness and want to have a grounded understanding of how that plays out in (their) life and how they can hold, embody and work with the simplicity-complexity tension of their experience. Dylan is a living example that this is possible and he knows how to open people up for that natural development with a lot of care and love and humor too!

Judith Minnema Social Artist, Transformation Facilitator

Straight to the Essence...

Dylan combined his open heart and clear mind together with UZAZU to get us straight to the essence. He empowered me to take ownership of any issues and work on them myself. With great success!

Peter Merry CIO, Ubiquity University

A safe space where profound transformation can take place

Dylan is a master facilitator whose compassionate, gentle approach, creates an immediate safe space where profound transformations can take place. I truly walked away with priceless new understandings of where I could step into being more.

Shirley Weiss MA, HHC, WeissHolistic

"The combination of coaching and the UZAZU practices is perfect! "

Before I started, I was a bit apprehensive to do UZAZU Coaching via web video with someone I have never met. I imagined maybe I’d just be doing movements with Dylan, but the coaching sessions have more elements of ‘actual coaching’ than I first expected.

With Dylan’s special techniques, skills and intuitions, it is amazing how quickly we identified the underlying problems, and hence could focus and work on them.

The sessions I’ve had with Dylan have helped me to realize a lot about the transition I want to make, and gave me the confidence that I will make it and come out as a better and happier person living a more meaningful life.

Working together, things started to move and shift instead of being stuck and I’ve gained much insight and clarity into the root causes and my weaknesses. I’m much clearer now on where I stand, and where I want to go. While we are looking into the mind and heart for answers, we are able to use UZAZU to help energies flow, and connect body and mind.

The combination of coaching and the UZAZU practices is perfect!

Outside of my sessions with Dylan, the UZAZU exercises he advised for me have been very easy to practise, especially with the help of the online practice videos! This helped unblock things and promote shifting in my life.

I highly recommend Dylan’s coaching and practices to others because it works! You are able to make an interesting journey of discovering what works best for you. Anyone living anywhere can learn, practice and grow at their own convenience and benefit.

Vicky Chan

More release, joy and self-acceptance!

I loved UZAZU already, but it can be challenging for me to soften my own boundaries and open up. It’s an act of trusting and going beyond old patterns... Having already taken several UZAZU workshops with Dylan, I had no reason to not trust, so I speak about my own fear and boundaries here 🙂

As a result of my sessions, I feel more release, joy and feel I can accept myself more deeply and grow.

The archetypes we played with were very helpful, but the real benefit is what I felt, and what I could do with it for myself and others. Awareness, growth, empowered self-management, tools for myself and others.

I highly recommend doing sessions with Dylan, simply because it’s a great gift to yourself!

Dylan, is so skilled in literally embodying the energy dynamics from his true source on this earth - his body. He sees and senses into this by knowledge and intuition, which helps people to grow, overcome issues, to flow, to bridge to others or whatever seems appropriate at a specific

I am so grateful for how Dylan has helped me become aware of my body, as an instrument that never lies. He has taught me how to listen to it and to use it!

Toinneke Theeuwes Managing Healthcare Consultant

Things happen when I work with Dylan!

Dylan Newcomb is the first truly Integral therapist I have found in New York City. Dylan’s approach addresses body, mind and spirit simultaneously. His work is both diagnostic and reparative– therefore fast, deep, and profound. In sessions, Dylan is creative and intuitive; his work is experiential.

Things happen when I work with Dylan. From the first, Dylan got the gist of my many complicated and interrelated issues, while meeting me with empathy and obvious wisdom. Holding the large picture, Dylan zoomed in on the aspect of my issues that proved most urgent and central to healing. After our first session, I felt an immediate sense of relief, as well as excitement, curiosity and inspiration.

Dylan has helped me deal with chaos and grief; he has helped me experience joy and my own potential to step forward powerfully in life. Dylan’s insight is uncanny, his heart is big, and his mind is lightning fast. UZAZU offers a doorway into deep, quick, healing work, and Dylan has been an amazing guide and companion as my journey unfolds.

It’s been a long time since I felt inspired by therapy! Dylan’s work spans the archetypal, subtle energy, and physical body levels, in addition to the mental and emotional levels therapy usually addresses. I am honestly thrilled to be able to recommend Dylan Newcomb as an Integral therapist and healer with heart and integrity.”

> Disclaimer – Dylan Newcomb is not certified as and does not claim to be a "therapist". UZAZU Change Facilitation Coaching, researched and developed by Dylan Newcomb with funding in part from the Dutch government, is an alternative modality designed to identify and shift mental-emotional-behavioral patterns using dialogue, visualization, and carefully designed movement practices.

Robin Reinach Writer, Producer, Investor

Cultivating authenticity in the world

Not having experienced coaching or UZAZU in the past, I had no means of anticipating how much growth and evolution a single encounter could yield nor reckoning the depths of my hunger for this change in my life.

In the first session, I gained both specific techniques and the sensibility of a whole novel approach for cultivating authenticity in the world. This simple method, even in the hands of a beginner such as myself, worked to metabolize very personal blockages that subtly obstructed the flow of my expression into the world, thus serving to minimize turbulence and maximize the yield of my gifts for others.

My work and training demands that I use my intellect always, ubiquitously. The just tyranny of my intellect, however, tends to monopolize the conversation that I have with the world. This was not always the case. As a child, imaginative play, animated movement, intuitive sensibilities, and embodied feeling all sang forth to encounter and experiment with the world. These experiences created a fertile and colorful ground that nourished the early development of my intellect. The complex demands of work and adulthood, however, have required a single-minded rationality that has led to neglect of these other essential dimensions of me. Through UZAZU, I was able to reinstate these creative faculties, give voice, and revitalize a capacity for feeling and free play that enriches and sustains my intellect and creates more possibilities in my life.

My wife and I have gained a communication method that allows us to reveal ourselves, our feelings and emotions, to one another safely, without confrontation, while naturally engendering harmony. In our experience, just talking about it ad nauseam didn’t get us anywhere, but, if we “UZAZU over it”, differences are resolved and we have a really sweet moment to just experience each other and appreciate.

The opportunity to plug all of you into your life may mature into a wealth of authenticity and possibilities in the world.

Aldo Rinaldi MD Physician

Profound and life-changing

At first, I was concerned whether Dylan and UZAZU could really help me with my issues and if it would really be worth the money. Having met and spoken with him personally really helped me decide that he was the right person to work with.

The sessions had a profound effect on me, physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually… I could really feel the shift in my body and mind after every session of working with him.

Dylan has such an amazing capacity for compassionate communication, and an intuitive skill in really getting to the core of the issue fast. I felt really supported and heard throughout my whole process!

For me, the results have really lasted! It’s given me clarity, peace of heart and mind, release and a greater understanding and awareness of myself.

I would definitely recommend people to work with Dylan. I found it to be profound and life-changing. I couldn't have done what I’ve done without Dylan’s support and help.

Monica Day Thai Yoga Massage Therapist/Transformational Energy Healer Practitioner

I've developed more as a person in the last two months than in the past five years on my own.

I met Dylan in a social context through a friend I practice yoga with, and UZAZU came up in our conversation. He briefly described it, and at my request, engaged me in a short demonstration. I knew immediately that this would be the right kind of "therapy" to address some of the challenges my anti-therapy fiance was going through at the time. We didn't end up meeting with Dylan until three months after we were married, at which point we desperately needed some help! We were very much in love, but for some reason (that neither of us could really understand), I was constantly crying, and my husband was constantly angry. We were fighting every day, and things had gotten quite bad. We tried going to a therapist together, but after two sessions, things were getting worse instead of better. My husband really did not want to talk about things--but I really needed to address them. In a burst of inspiration and desperation, I contacted Dylan.

We met with Dylan for 90 minutes. We talked a little and did some exercises with our bodies, our voices, our breath, and our imaginations. During that session, as my husband and I faced each other and did the very first exercise Dylan taught us, I burst into tears--but happy tears. My husband wasn't talking to me, or listening to me talk, but I finally felt like he was HEARING me, and I was getting what I needed. We took this exercise home to practice. The first few times were hard; my husband's body was still resistant. But we practiced for 15 or 20 minutes every morning, and things almost "magically" got better. It was like having a really bad, itchy rash and not knowing where it came from, but getting the right medicine, and suddenly feeling fine again.

Now that things are "good" again, my husband and I are still learning more UZAZU, and still practicing regularly. Even outside of our practice time, there are certain sensations we can communicate to each other, thanks to our UZAZU practice, in other contexts. We are learning how to emotionally give each other what the other person needs. It becomes safe for you to do this in the context of UZAZU, where the other person is also giving you what you need.

Dylan is such an effective coach. He is incredibly intelligent, sensitive, and perceptive--of mind, body, emotion, and "energy." He is clear, careful, and direct--gentle at the right times, and also knows when to push and challenge. While I came to him specifically to work on my relationship with my husband, the work has also inspired growth in my other relationships, including my "relationship" with myself. I have only had a handful of sessions with Dylan at this point, but I feel like I have developed more as a person in the last two months than in the past five years on my own. UZAZU, with Dylan as a guide, has really helped me open up certain closed aspects of myself, and I am enjoying all of these "side effects"--I'm becoming less timid, more clear about setting boundaries at work and with my family, and I'm taking care of myself in ways that I wasn't prioritizing before. Consequently, I feel better.

Dalia Newlywed and Executive Assistant

I hardly know where to start...

Dylan and UZAZU are both so unique; I hardly know where to start. Working with Dylan is a joyous adventure into myself and my personal transformation. Our sessions together have brought me to new levels of personal awareness and evolution that would not have been available to me otherwise. His wise, gentle and insightful guidance has been invaluable, and I look forward to continuing my relationship with him as my coach and mentor.

His is genuinely open-hearted and open-minded, is always fully present, and full of kindness and compassion as he guides and prods me into deeper dimensions of exploration and self-discovery. He provides a safe and open space to shift and change and in ways, I didn't think I could, or as quickly. I highly recommend sessions with Dylan Newcomb as a master guide and facilitator. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain, or re-gain, in your life and being.

Kris Montigny Yoga Teacher

Being guided, nurtured and challenged by a gifted coach

“My biggest doubt with a UZAZU coaching session was telling someone else my issues. After doing some coaching sessions with Dylan my doubt fell away --I felt fully received.

The most beneficial aspect of working with Dylan was how my personal relationships shifted. I also gained a better understanding of how I can develop and shift from feeling powerless because of my issues to being empowered.

I fully recommend an UZAZU coaching session with Dylan to anyone who wishes to make a change in their behavior towards themselves and others. Moreover, to be guided, nurtured and challenged by a gifted coach.”

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