Dylan's Coaching Terms and Agreements

Please read this in it's entirety before signing up for coaching and download a copy of it for your own records.

Thank you for giving these terms & agreements your attention!

The more clarity and alignment we have around the terms & agreements of our work together, the more powerful your results!Unless I hear from you otherwise about it (by email, before our first session together, I will assume you fully consent to all the terms stated below.Here's to a beautiful journey together!

Here's to a beautiful journey together!
Yours, Dylan Newcomb


As your coach, I am here to serve as a supportive partner in your ongoing journey of discovery, growth, integration, goal-setting and goal-reaching—both professionally and personally.

My key focus is on fully showing up in whichever ways I sense will most help support you—and elicit from within you—new ways of being that will empower you to live more of the life you want to live. I experience each client as highly unique and each/every series of session we do together to have it’s own unique ‘logic’ and optimal flow. I’ve learned I can best serve you by always listening, together with you, to what will most serve you—both in the moment and in the long-run.

So we’ll start by clarify a vision about what we’ll focus on and what you hope to accomplish through that and then we’ll likely adapt all of it to some extent as we go.The key to a healthily fluid process is our staying in alignment together throughout the journey. If at any moment during our process you feel lost or unclear about what you’re doing and/or what the value is for you of doing it (either during a session or in between sessions), please share that with me asap so we can quickly get you back to feeling great about your process. It’s your coaching journey and I encourage you to keep helping me to help you get the most out of it you can. In other words—I invite you to stay proactive!

Also very important: Our coaching process is not a replacement for certain forms therapy, or business and financial consulting, and I, Dylan Newcomb, am neither a certified therapist nor a certified business or financial advisor. While from time to time I may give you assessments to complete, offer my reflections, ideas and personal observations on any number of personal and professional matters, I do not diagnose or treat disorders nor offer business and financial advice. (Yup - that’s the official disclaimer part 🙂

If you are currently receiving any other related support, therapeutic, professional or otherwise, I encourage you to appropriately inform all of us about each other’s work with you so as to help ensure that our collective work with you can be most mutually supportive towards helping you realize your overall goals.


The coaching takes place during regularly scheduled sessions either online via video chat ( I use the Zoom Video Platform because it’s both user-friendly & secure) or live in my home office at 34 Omer Road, Freeport Maine, USA. Unless I hear otherwise, I’ll assume our sessions will be online.

My coaching work is significantly informed by a few key models and modalities such as Integral Theory, my own government-funded research which formed The UZAZU Mind-Body Method, Spiral Dynamics, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Psych-K, HBLU Technique, Developmental Psychology (not officially certified in this), Attachment Theory, embodied cognitive neuroscience and several more approaches.The ways we end up working, the exercises we end up doing, will depend on what I and We both sense will most serve you at each stage of the journey. In other words, I come amply prepared with materials, maps, content molds and so on. But we’ll see what we end up using 🙂

The outcomes you ultimately achieve during our time together will largely be a direct result of your own level of commitment, energy and sustained focus.

The actual change you come away with is largely dependent on you:

  • Daring to “go there” with me and do the  more vulnerable, deeper self-work that will likely become relevant at certain moments.
  • Taking the time in between our sessions to DO the homework assignments and practices we agree on.
  • Proactively sharing with me when you’re confused, unclear or feeling a need to re-align our focus.

These will all be key factors determining the amount of significant progress you will be able to gratefully look back on at the end of this journey you’re investing in and embarking on.


Length of Sessions:
Coaching calls are typically 75 minutes, but can sometimes go 5-10 minutes overtime. Please reserve 90 minutes for each session in your schedule to allow for overtime and a moment to complete your own session notes and setting of your follow-up actions.

Maintaining a Consistent Rhythm:
Our clear intention together will be to maintain a consistent day of the week (either weekly or bi-weekly) and time slot for our sessions together. Naturally, a few of those sessions may need to deviate from this or be rescheduled due to emergent obligations or complications. If the the majority of sessions can not hold to a fairly regular rhythm then this will want to be discussed.

Starting Each Session:
Please establish a rhythm for yourself of settling in, focusing your energy and attention and gathering your thoughts a few minutes before each appointment begins so we can start on time and be “productive” right from the beginning. For online sessions, I will call you at our scheduled start time. Please allow me to initiate the contact, as I may still be with another client.

Lateness Policy:
Starting on time is important. If you arrive late for a session, I reserve the right to end our session at the originally appointed time. Please, always contact me BY EMAIL and let me know if you are running late. Any lateness we incur due to me calling you later will be added to the end of our session. If you are not available, I will leave one message and attempt to call back again after 5 minutes. If I don't hear from you by email within 15 minutes of our scheduled start time, then I will deem the session a "no show" and it will be counted towards your total session package.

Session Cancellation Policy:
All scheduled appointments must be cancelled with 24-hours notice to avoid being charged for the session. There is some flexibility in this policy for emergency situations but usually if you cancel at the last minute the reserved spot will not be rescheduled. Sessions that are still a "No Show" after 15 minutes are counted in full towards the total session package.

Package Duration and Session Utilization Policy:
All sessions included in a given Coaching Package must be used within 60 days after the last billed month of that package. For example, all 12 sessions in a 3 or 6 month package must be used within 60 days after the completion of the initial 3 or 6 month period. It is your responsibility to track this and ensure you utilize any of your remaining sessions within this 60-day extension period..

Contact between Sessions:
You are welcome—and even encouraged—to message me through our shared Trello Board (or by email if necessary) in between coaching sessions when you have a challenge, can’t wait to share a success, need some quick input on something. I generally find that us having a bit of quick back and forth in between sessions can help greatly for you to “stay productive” with whatever you are working on.


No Charge for Your Initial Exploratory Session:
Before agreeing to work together, we will have an initial, no-fee “get acquainted” session for you to get a solid taste of what it’s like to work with me and to determine whether both feel reasonably confident that you can significantly benefit from the coaching relationship and that the rapport between us is likely to result in a supportive, enjoyable coach-client relationship.

Coaching Package Billing:
I offer my coaching services in bundles of sessions, or Packages, as I’ve learned this enables me to much more powerfully and reliably help my clients achieve their desired outcomes. Coaching Packages are billed either monthly or all at once in a “single pay” option. The more sessions in a given bundle the cheaper the “hourly rate” generally is, and paying the whole bundle upfront further reduces the overall cost.

The online billing system I use accepts all major credit cards. If you choose monthly billing, your card will be automatically billed at the same day each month till the end of our agreement. After your initial free exploratory session and once we agree to work together, you will want to be sure to complete your order and first automatic billing before we have the first session of your package. 


As a way of making clear my commitment to ensuring your satisfaction with your choice take a risk on investing in coaching with me, I offer a full 30-day guarantee on all my coaching packages. If you feel, within the first 30 days of signing up to work together with me, that it in fact does not seem like a good investment of your time and money, then I will immediately and fully refund your credit card. I will just humbly ask you to do me the service of filling out a feedback form and/or have a short conversation with me to help me understand how I could have perhaps helped you better or where our expectations were out of alignment.


Once the 30-day guarantee period has elapsed, it is understood that unless I as your coach fail to fulfill my role and responsibilities in some significant way, you are now committed to the program and payment schedule as laid out in your package.

At some point during the last 1 or 2 sessions of your package, we will reflect on where you currently are in your process: what you have achieved, and what appears to lie ahead. We will take some time to reflect and give feedback to each other on what we most appreciated and what we would have perhaps like to experience more or less of from each other. We will also discuss then if and when it might be appropriate to engage in a new series of coaching sessions. If you choose to “go another round” then you will simply sign up again for which ever package you choose.


General Confidentiality Commitment:
Your identity, our coach-client relationship, and nature and content of your work with me will remain private and confidential, and neither myself nor UZAZU or anyone connected to it will share any information about you and our work together with a third party without your consent in writing (email is acceptable). I may ask you at some point during or after our process to share a testimonial about the results you are experiencing, but this is always entirely at your own discretion.

Exceptional Exceptions to Confidentiality:

1) In the course of our regular clerical duties, the UZAZU Coaching support staff may be privy to name and limited contact information of my clients, but will have no access to information as to the content of the coaching sessions or matters discussed during our coaching. The UZAZU support staff are under the same strict requirements of confidentiality as myself.

2) In the event that I believes there is clear and imminent danger to the life and physical safety of one of my clients or others in their life, I may need to disclose selected information in order to make appropriate and potentially life-saving interventions.

3) In highly unusual circumstances, legal requirements may demand that confidential material be revealed.

4) If a client publicly makes false and slanderous claims about the my work with them, with the intent to harm UZAZU or me personally and professionally, I shall be at liberty to respond publicly to those false charges in order to protect my own personal and professional reputation.


You agree to utilize Dylan Newcomb’s Coaching services with the full understanding that Dylan Newcomb, UZAZU Mind-Body, it’s directors, employees, volunteers and advisors are in no way responsible or liable for your decisions, actions, outcomes and experiences. You also agree to hold Dylan Newcomb, UZAZU Mind-Body, it’s directors, employees, volunteers and advisors free of all liability and responsibility for any adverse situations created as a direct or indirect result of a advice given, or any actions taken while working with, or as a result of working with, Dylan Newcomb and/or the UZAZU method or community.

Whew... That's all the Terms & Agreement stuff...

Please download a copy of these Terms & Agreements for your own reference and proceed/return to the order page!

Please note: If you have question or issue with anything here, or about the packages in general, then don't hesitate to just call or email me and let’s get it sorted out asap 🙂

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Or Send an Email to: [email protected]

I look forward to a joyful and productive working process together!


Dylan​ Newcomb

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