The 1-1 Embodied Clarity Session

with UZAZU founder & lead trainer Dylan Newcomb

Work 1-1 with Dylan Newcomb in a special 2-hour process to discover the underlying body-mind patterns holding you back, and identify the key opportunities & priorities for embodied transformation that will most dynamically & sustainably help you move forward in your life.

How can an Embodied Clarity Session help you?

Become more Authentically Self-Aware

Get beyond/beneath the limit of your conscious mind. This guided self-discovery process will significantly increase your embodied self-understanding about when & how your system gets dysregulated and when not.

Cultivate more Lasting Balance & Resilience

Our embodied patterns of reactivity & dysregulation develop & compound over time, as we grow up though different stages. Uncover how you can transform your deeper limiting patterns in a sequence that’s tailored to your specific situation & history.

Move Forwards more Quickly & Effectively

Everyone’s history of embodied conditioning, and patterns of limiting beliefs, is different—and so we each need different exercises & practices to cultivate balance. Make sure you’re clear on what specific kinds of re-patterning will make that crucial shift in YOUR body-mind system.

How does an Embodied Clarity Session work?

This unique, 2-hour session is a great first/next step to deepening your understanding of your current patterns and conditioning—so they can then be effectively worked with. The Embodied Clarity Session is an embodied awareness & insight building process that consists of 4 phases:
  1. 1
    Have a Comprehensive ‘Life Overview’ Conversation:
    This initial conversation typically expands, elaborates on, and adds to the context-setting things you wrote in your Pre-session Questionnaire. You discuss your challenges, goals and desires, and share more context and history around them, so I (Dylan) can have more of a full picture of where you’re currently at and where you’re wanting to go.
  2. 2
    Be Guided through an Embodied State-Exploration Process:
    I’ll guide you through the 9 Core Modes of Engagement & the related Focus Statements, and discover your current kinds of embodied conditioning—how you might currently be experiencing & responding to specific daily life situations.
  3. 3
    Compare your Online Assessment with your Embodied, In-Person Experience:
    We’ll compare & contrast your online/written, more mental, top-down assessment of your daily life state-activation patterns, and your more directly embodied, bottom-up assessment of how you’re responding in the moment. Any notable differences here often point to important gaps in self-awareness, and/or areas to possibly explore more.
  4. 4
    Clarify Together Key Insights, Growth Opportunities & Practical Next Steps:
    We’ll reflect on and articulate together what some of the main insights and takeaways are, and what seems like some of your main potential growth opportunities. We’ll also discuss possible supportive actions or next steps, and helpful ways to follow-up on things that came to light during the session.

Is this Embodied Clarity Session a good fit for you?

This kind of embodied, in-depth 'inventory-taking' can be significantly helpful whether you're not yet familiar with UZAZU Embodied Intelligence, or you’ve already had a lot of training & experience with it.
  • This Clarity Session could be a good fit if  you're wanting to gain a deeper, more embodied understanding of the main current limiting patterns holding you back, and how they play out in your mind-body system. Whether you choose to then work further on it with me/Dylan or via some other means, that's fine either way.
  • This process could also be a good fit if you already know UZAZU and can do a lot of further 'self-work', or you have another UZAZU facilitator you can work with, and would like me/Dylan to help you identify what seem like several key embodied re-patterning topics & ways of working you might want to focus on.

What people are saying...


“Even in the hands of a beginner such as myself, I was able to revitalize a capacity for feeling and free play that enriches and sustains my intellect and creates more possibilities in my life.”

Aldo Rinaldi

Judith Minema

“What benefits me most is the enormous space Dylan creates, in which every aspect of Self (and ‘Reality’) is honored and valued and can then be explored. It is extremely soul nourishing and life confirming to be so fully seen and to experience myself as a whole, leaving nothing out.” 

Judith Minnema


“The postures and archetypes we played with were very helpful, but the real benefit is what I felt, and what I could do with it for myself and others. I feel more release, joy, and feel I can accept myself more deeply and grow.”

Toinneke Theeuwes


“Often, just talking about our life's concerns, as with many types of coaching or psychotherapy, is simply not enough to create true transformation. UZAZU supports me to more fully feel into the new possibilities and to start acting on them almost immediately.”

Eric Troth

Here's how the process works:

Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress
1. Select Your Package

Select whichever session package seems the best fit for you, from the available options below, and sign up for it. You can always choose later, after the Clarity Session, if you'd like to receive some UZAZU Private Sessions, to work with what was identified in this Clarity Session.

2. Schedule Your Session

In the confirmation email, you’ll receive a link where you can schedule your Clarity Session via the self-scheduler. You can schedule your session for the very near future, or wait a few weeks before having it—it's up to you.

3. Prepare for the Session

After scheduling your session, you’ll want to complete the Pre-Session Questionnaire, which will help set some important, time-saving context for our session together. And after that, be sure you take the online Embodied Intelligence Self-Assessment, if you haven’t done so in the past 2-3 months already. (Links also provided.)

Package & Pricing Options

Basic Package

The Embodied Clarity Session

  • A Pre-session Questionnaire, to help optimize the value of our time together.
  • A 2-hour Embodied Clarity Session with Dylan Newcomb
  • A Post-Session summary form from Dylan, with Your Embodied Assessment Results and main insights & ideas for next steps


Limited-Time Offer

The Embodied Clarity Session, with a 33% Research Discount

  • Everything in the Embodied Clarity Session basic package
  • Get a 33% Research Discount on this Session by agreeing to make your (anonymized) assessment data, session notes, and a video of the session confidentially available to our core R&D team for further embodiment-research purposes.


Premium Package

The Embodied Clarity Session, plus 3 Coaching Sessions

  • Everything in the basic Embodied Clarity Session package.
  • Three follow-up 75-minute 1-1 Embodied Intelligence Coaching Sessions with Dylan. (You save $150 by reserving these 3 additional Private Sessions now, as opposed to after your Clarity Session.)


Marion Knox UZAZU Practitioner Profile Pic

I think for anyone who wants to go deeply into embodiment, UZAZU is a great modality to do that. I feel a really big shift in my own experience of myself and my relationships. There's a new kind of ease and capacity to rest in myself, in the busy world I live in. That shift—from holding vague, aspirational ideas of who I 'should' be, to inhabiting a more grounded, authentically lived experience—has changed my life.

Marion Knox

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any prior UZAZU or embodiment knowledge to do this session?

This unique 2-hour session actually requires no prior knowledge—UZAZU or otherwise. Of course, the more used you are to listening to your body, the more information you will likely get out of it.

What is Embodied Intelligence, and why is it valuable to assess & gain clarity about this in myself?

Your Embodied Intelligence defines your capacity to make sense of your environment and your own felt experience, and how you then intentionally shift your embodied state, in order to dynamically adapt and relate to the people and things your environment, in the effective pursuit of purposeful goals. Building deeper awareness about your main patterns of embodiment is a foundational key to being able to shift your habits from unconsciously reacting to choicefully responding, in your day-to-day flow. Understanding your main limitations to growth from this perspective keys you actionable insights as to what you can actually DO differently.

How does this embodied assessment process relate to personality assessments I’ve already taken?

While Myers-Briggs, Enneagram, and other similar assessment are all useful reflections on your personality and patterns of HOW you tend to show up, the UZAZU Embodied Intelligence Self-Assessment directly hands you the keys to be able to IDENTIFY THE UNDERLYING PATTERNS that are causing your imbalanced states.  

Personality-level assessments give TOP-DOWN clarity about your patterns, that is, COGNITIVE understanding for WHY you feel and behave the way you do. But this doesn’t bring you actual BOTTOM-UP, embodied knowing about HOW and WHEN those patterns are currently being activated in your system.

And that’s what makes UZAZU and this Embodied Clarity Session unique. It gives you a way of both identifying your SPECIFIC PATTERNS of imbalance AND have a clear, direct roadmap for how you can SHIFT your reactive, imbalanced patterns in a deeply embodied way.

What's the difference between this Embodied Clarity Session and your 'regular' coaching sessions?

This Embodied Clarity Session is a unique, 2-hour session (as opposed to my normal 75-minute sessions) where we go through a conversational review of your current main life challenges & desires, and then explore them deeper by having you embody the main UZAZU Modes & States that seem most related to the core 'issues.' Much of this same kind of work tends to happen gradually, during the 'standard' 1-1 sessions, but this Embodied Clarity Session speeds up the cultivation of that overall clarity about your main limiting patterns. You can choose to do this session first and then start in with the 1-1 sessions, or add it in at any point during your sessions. Click here to learn more about my private coaching sessions and packages.