A Personalized 1-1 Transformation Retreat

with UZAZU founder & embodiment master coach Dylan Newcomb

Come spend an immersive, growth-focused weekend with me at my house in Maine, USA, where you'll have the opportunity to engage in personalized, in-depth embodiment coaching, reflection, and peak state-shifting experiences that will help you take your personal development to the next level.

This private retreat format could be a fit for you, if...

  • You're looking for a more rapid, deeper-level breakthrough (or 'surge-forward') in your personal and spiritual development—which a customized, 1-1 retreat like this is designed to bring.
  • You sense that taking some time away from all the details, stresses, and busyness of your daily life could really help you to do some deeper personal growth work, and access deeper levels of your being and inner-knowing.
  • You sense that having a very personalized, extended guided process and embodiment experience (with me) could make a key difference in really getting the kind of support & guidance you need right now to move forward more quickly into your desired changes.

Here's how the process works:

This 3-part retreat process includes a very thorough, intentional preparation process and post-retreat reflection and integration process, to help maximize the positive change and growth you'll get out of it.

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1. The Preparation

Fill in the Pre-Retreat Questionnaire and then we'll have a “Retreat Pre-Visualization & Customization” 75-minute Online Session, a week or so before you come, to gain greater clarity & focus, and customize the program together to best meet your specific needs & desires.

2. The 1-1 Retreat

Spend 2+ days with me, here at our place in Freeport Maine, engaging in a customized program combining guided embodiment experiences, coaching, conversation, nature walks, alone-time, and sharing meals together. You'll arrive on a Friday afternoon; we'll start the retreat with an early dinner, and you'll finish late afternoon on Sunday.

3. The Follow-up

After a few days home, you'll complete a Post-Retreat Reflection Form and then we'll have a follow-up 75-min. “Reflection, Integration, and Next-Steps” Session. This will help you to further integrate the discoveries and experiences of the retreat, and create a clear path towards taking the next steps for further growth & integration.

 A Unique Transformational Opportunity...

What makes these 1-1 retreats uniquely potent & transformational?

A Unique Space in Time to Dive Deep and Unlock New Ways of Being

Most of the growth and change we experience happens gradually—day in and day out. But sometimes, we are graced with profound transformational experiences which, in a very short space of time, way unlock new aspects of our Self and ways of connecting with others and the world. This individual weekend retreat is a chance to have just that: a peak transformational experience. It’s a precious opportunity to step away from the busyness and stresses of your life for a few days, really focus in on your own personal and transpersonal (AKA spiritual) development. it's a chance to receive the extended, personalized guidance that can help you soften through those deeper tensions, and sink down a few layers into the more essential (and effortlessly empowering aspects of your more whole being and inner-knowing.

A Customized Program, Tailored to Your Needs & Desires

One of the key benefits of this individual retreat (as opposed to a group retreat or training) is that we work together beforehand to tailor it to best meet your specific needs and desires. In our pre-retreat session, we’ll customize the basic program structure to support your desired focus & outcomes. For examples: Are there traumatic experiences you know you’re needing to more fully process? Are there Transpersonal, more Unitive embodied states you’d like to deepen and integrate into your daily life? Is there clearer sense of deeper, soul-aligned purpose & focus you feel called to clarify and step into more?  In our pre-retreat session, we’ll customize the basic program structure to support your main desired focus & outcomes.

An Array of Different Activities, to Support a Synergistic Process

When ‘going deep’ it’s important to engage in successive waves, giving our bodymind time to rest and integrate in between. Our main activities will consist of discussion, embodiment-based coaching, UZAZU movement & state-activation practice, dancing, walking and being in the surrounding nature, some guided and solo meditation, and private time for rest, reflection, and journaling. All these activities will be customized to suit your specific preferences, needs and desires. We also have an infrared sauna and jacuzzi bath here at your disposal, if you wish. Again—while I’ll propose a base schedule, we’ll then customize it to suit your specific preferences and desires.

An Opportunity to Connect, Relate, and Co-Explore on a Deeper Level

Connection and the quality and depth of our interpersonal exchange is a key catalyst of growth. Having the opportunity to be seen and received at a deep level can be a powerful experience. And it’s one of the most important and potent opportunities that a private retreat such as this can offer. How we allow ourselves to show up and connect—beyond the typical constraints of our normal, more conventional social interactions—affords us a unique chance to discover and sink into new ways of experience ourselves and the other. It's also of vital importance that you feel safe and secure, and that personal boundaries will be fully respected, with all the alone time you need to integrate and explore on your own. And finally, you'll also have a post-retreat reflection process and follow-up session to further support the integration of these discoveries back into your life and interactions.

What are the pre-requisites for this experience?

This individualized 1-1 weekend retreat format is for anyone would really like to afford themself the opportunity to accelerate their own embodied personal growth!

I do have two simple ‘pre-requisites’, however, for us engaging together in this format: 

1) You are already familiar with UZAZU's 9 Core Modes of Engagement, at a basic level (or you become familiar with them, in advance of the retreat.)

2) You have already done at least three 1-1 Private Sessions with me—either online or in person (or you have at least 3 of the 12 sessions in advance of the retreat, if you opt for the full package, below.)

This helps ensure two things, going into the retreat: You already know that the UZAZU Embodied Intelligence approach works well for you, and you already know the basics of how to do it so we can use it as a shared language & method together. 2) We both already know we can connect & work well together, and that I already know a good amount about you before you arrive.

In other words, we want to be fairly certain in advance that this will indeed be a good fit and a potent experience for you!

Package & Pricing Options

Basic Retreat Package

The 1-1 Weekend Retreat

  • The Pre-Retreat Questionnaire and  “Retreat Pre-Visualization & Customization” 75-min. Online Session
  • The 2 + day in Person Retreat, at my home here in Freeport Maine (meals & lodging in our guest room included.)
  • The Post-Retreat Reflection Form & follow-up 75-min. “Reflection, Integration, and Next-Steps” Session.


The 'deluxe' Full Package,  1-Pay

The Retreat, plus 12 Sessions

  • The 3-part Weekend Retreat package 
  • 12 Additional 75-Minute Online Coaching Sessions (at a 15% Discount)
  • Space out these 1-1 Sessions however you like, within 12 months.
  • Bonus: A post-retreat customized 15-25 min practice video, based on your retreat, to support further integration.


The Full Package, 8 Monthly Payments

The Retreat, plus 12 Sessions

  • The 3-part Weekend Retreat package 
  • 12 Additional 75-Minute Online Coaching Sessions (at a 15% Discount)
  • Space out these 1-1 Sessions however you like, within 12 months.
  • Bonus: A post-retreat customized 15-25 min practice video, based on your retreat, to support further integration.

$950 (x 8)

What benefits me most is the enormous space Dylan creates in which every aspect of Self (and 'Reality') is honored, valued and explored. It is extremely soul nourishing and life confirming/fulfilling to be seen and to experience myself as a whole, leaving nothing out. Dylan is very gifted in meeting you where you are, fully honoring that, and then working from there to whatever naturally reveals itself to be seen and included.

I specifically recommend the embodied coaching Dylan offers to people who are seeking to integrate wholeness/unity into their moment to moment awareness and actions. People who have a deep sense of unity or oneness and want to have a grounded understanding of how that plays out in (their) life and how they can hold, embody and work with the simplicity-complexity tension of their experience. Dylan is a living example that this is possible and he knows how to open people up for that natural development with a lot of care and love and humor too!

Judith Minnema

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any prior knowledge & skill in UZAZU, or embodiment in general, to do this 1-1 retreat?

This individualized 1-1 weekend retreat is designed for anyone who is ready to accelerate their embodied personal growth. However, there are a couple of prerequisites that must be met before we can engage in this format: 1) You must be familiar with the UZAZU 9 Core Modes of Engagement at a basic level, or become familiar with them before the retreat. 2) You must have completed at least three 1-1 Private Sessions with me, either online or in person, or have at least three of the 12 sessions scheduled in advance of the retreat if you opt for the full package.
These requirements ensure that we both know that the UZAZU Embodied Intelligence approach is effective for you, and that we have a shared language and method to work with during the retreat. Additionally, these sessions allow us to establish a connection and determine if we work well together before the retreat.
If you're new to UZAZU and my work, and you're interested in 1-1 sessions, please read more about my approach on my website. It may also be helpful to schedule a call with me before signing up for any 1-1 work together. While it is not required, purchasing the full "deluxe" package does offer a 15% discount on the 12 private sessions and may ultimately be the best fit for you.

If I purchase this retreat package now, do I have to use it right away or can I wait a bit?

It's completely up to you how you want to proceed. If we've worked together before and are familiar with each other, you can go ahead and purchase this package with the confidence that we'll be able to find a mutually convenient weekend within the next 2-5 months.
I generally keep my weekends open for family time, so I'm usually quite flexible. Alternatively, you can email me in advance to discuss potential dates and check for availability. If you have any questions or want to double-check if this is the right option for you at this time, I'm happy to schedule a 15-minute Zoom call to discuss.
If you're also signing up for additional sessions, know that I can generally start within two weeks, but you can also wait a few weeks or even a few months if you prefer. Just send me an email to let me know of your plans.

So we'll be doing this at your house? What will that be like?

I'm glad you asked! Our house is spacious yet cozy, and it's surrounded by 17 acres of beautiful woods. You'll love it here! Our sessions will take place mostly in my home office, but we'll have the whole house to ourselves starting Saturday morning. Downstairs, we have a small movement and fitness studio that we'll most likely use as well. We also have an infrared sauna and a small Jacuzzi tub that you're welcome to use. The woods behind our house have several paths and two small, beautiful rivers flowing through gently sloping hills. We'll definitely want to go for a walk and perhaps do some UZAZU and meditation there, depending on the weather. The guest room where you'll be staying is upstairs. My partner and I sleep downstairs, but she and my daughter will only be here on Friday night and will leave for the weekend on Saturday morning, so you'll have plenty of space for your retreat. Any other questions? Just ask!

What is the lodging situation like, and what options do I have?

You have two main options for your stay:
Option 1: You can stay in our lovely medium-sized guest room upstairs, which comes with a comfortable double bed and a private full bathroom with a shower and bath.
Option 2: If you prefer to stay in a nearby hotel, bed and breakfast, or Airbnb, that's perfectly fine too. There are plenty of great options very close by, and I'm happy to provide recommendations.
The fee for the retreat will remain the same regardless of your choice of accommodation.

Whats the food & meals situation like, and what options do I have?

We will have dinner at my house on Friday night around 5:30 pm, before our evening 'kick-off' session. My wife and daughter are happy to join us, but we can also have dinner alone if you prefer. We'll be cooking and tend to eat all organic. We're not vegetarian or vegan, but we're happy to accommodate most any diet or restrictions you may have.
If you want to bring your own food, we have a fridge and freezer that you can use. After Friday evening, we'll be on our own and I'll cook (you're welcome to help if you'd like). If you're interested, we can also go out to dinner on Saturday evening in Freeport or Portland, which is known for its amazing food scene. 
The food during the retreat is generally healthy and flexible. You'll be asked about your dietary preferences in the pre-questionnaire, and we can also discuss them in our pre-retreat session.

What’s the recommended spacing of the 12 private sessions, if I opt to include those as well?

This question pertains to the option of adding additional 12 sessions to your retreat. The frequency and timing of these sessions is entirely up to you. If you're new to UZAZU and working with me, you'll want to schedule 3-6 of these sessions for before the retreat, and then the rest afterwards. If we've already worked together, the timing is entirely up to your preference.
In general, consistency is often beneficial, and a weekly rhythm works well for most people. Every other week is also a good option when more space is needed to integrate and work on things in between. It's also fine to take a break for a few weeks if needed due to life or vacations.
I have an online scheduler that I'll send you a link to, and you can choose the times that work best for you. I work Monday-Friday and generally have 2-3 slots available per day at USA and European time-zone friendly times. I encourage you to book your sessions 2-3 weeks in advance—or more if you prefer.