Working 1-1 with Dylan Newcomb

Are you a Coach, Therapist, or personal-growth focused Change-maker looking to reduce the stress and overwhelm of your practice, and embody a more balanced, vibrant life that also empowers you to make a greater impact with your work?
At a certain point, many of us realize that simply doing more reflecting, talking, and 'cultivating deeper understanding' is not going to fully catalyze the deeper changes we seek. We need to transform our deeper, limiting patterns at the bodymind level. And this is where I can help...  Shall we talk?

Some core commitments of my approach to embodied coaching...

That you feel met, seen, and held with empathy, understanding, and acceptance is foundational for me. Paradoxically, the more we can embrace things as they are, the more they become available to change.

That embodiment is bi-directional: Body to Mind and Mind to Body. What is your BODY wanting to reveal and express? What inspirations and possibilities can your MIND invite you to EMBODY? We'll explore both.

I'm holding the space, but it's ultimately a collaboration on your process of discovery and exploration. Playfully, patiently, and persistently, we see what emerges through you. It's not about 'fixing things.' Healing and growth is a creative, iterative process.

We're each on a unique life journey that is gradually & consistently revealing itself. Embodying a meaningful life-narrative that cultivates both appreciation and empowerment is deeply organizing and energizing for your system. 

Is working with me a good fit for you?

In my private practice, the people I most often tend to work with are Helping Professionals (Coaches, Therapists, Counselors, Embodiment Facilitators, etc.) and/or cultural Change-Makers who find themselves stuck in one or more of these 3 general situations...
Empaths, struggling with Compassion Fatigue
"I’m feeling tired and overloaded, working with stressed & under-resourced clients all day, and want to not take on their emotions so much, and better attend to my own needs & desires.”
Self-Doubters, undermining their own Abilities & Value
"I’ve had plenty of training & experience in helping others, but still hold myself back by not trusting in my own abilities, feeling like an imposter, and undervaluing my services.”
Change-Makers, stuck on a Self-Growth Plateau
"I’ve reached the limits of my current ‘comfort zone’ and am looking for a deeper embodiment that can help me unlock more of my full potential and thus make a larger, positive impact.”
Do any of these scenarios sound like YOU? (Sometimes, it's a bit of each of them...) Then I'd be happy to explore how I could work with you, on an embodied level, to help you move forward.

What Clients are saying...


"It's changed how I energetically interact with everything around me. I have more drive. I have more passion. And I feel I can be more authentic now. The most beneficial aspect of working with Dylan, however, was how my personal relationships shifted."

Ben MacIssaac


“What benefits me most is the enormous space Dylan creates, in which every aspect of Self (and ‘Reality’) is honored and valued and can then be explored. It is extremely soul nourishing and life confirming to be so fully seen and to experience myself as a whole, leaving nothing out.” 

Judith Minnema


"Things happen when I work with Dylan. From the first, Dylan got the gist of my many complicated and interrelated issues, while meeting me with empathy and obvious wisdom. Holding the large picture, Dylan zoomed in on the aspect of my issues that proved most urgent and central to healing. Even after our first session, I felt an immediate sense of relief, as well as excitement, curiosity and inspiration. UZAZU offers a doorway into deep, quick, healing work, and Dylan has been an amazing guide and companion as my journey unfolds."

Robin Reinach


Working with Dylan has helped me to feel empowered and clear, even in the midst of a lot of chaos—and that feeling has stayed! We tend to be very much lost in our "mind-stuff" these days and getting more into the body in this way is unlike any other approach I've seen out there. It's powerful stuff! Dylan is a master at what he does.

Rob Scott

How do these Private Sessions work?

My sessions generally unfold in a 3-step flow that's designed to meet you wherever you're at and have a very tangible, positive impact on your day-to-day experiences & behaviors—both short-term and long.

1. Clarifying Current Situation

We start each session by talking & cultivating a shared understanding of the main tensions and desires in your life right now. From there, we identify & focus in on a specific issue, situation, or limiting pattern, and gently explore it more deeply, in an embodied way.

2. Shifting States & Patterns

Having clarified the core patterns wanting to shift, we now enter into the 'transformational heart' of the session—helping you to more deeply and ease-fully embody the kinds of balanced, empowering states of being & doing that will most serve.

3. Integrating the Changes

In the final phase of the session, we focus on the practical application and life-integration of the embodiment work we've done. I help you to visualize, rehearse, and prime yourself to successfully bring these new balanced, resourced states into your daily-life.

Here's what you get, with each of the Coaching Packages:

  • 75-minute Private Sessions via Zoom—typically weekly (recommended), but can also be bi-weekly, especially later on after we've had a few sessions. But ultimately it up to you and your schedule.
  • You can record each session directly to your laptop or desktop so you can review it again later. Many of my clients to this and report getting a lot out of reviewing the sessions a few days later, and having especially the guided practice and re-patterning sections to go back to and follow-along with again multiple times.
  • Embodied homework practices and recommendations for daily life application, so you have a practical way to keep integrating the states and pattern-shifts we work on during the session. These ar a KEY part of what makes the process as effective as it is. 10-15 minutes of Homework practice 2-3x a week is a good recommended baseline, and up to twice that amount is often even better.
  • Access to the 6-hr Personal Foundations of Embodied Intelligence online training, if you don't already have it, so you can learn & practice all the basic Postures & States of UZAZU. Going through this short-yet-complete basic UZAZU training outside of our session time saves you time & money. This way, I don't have to spend as much time teaching you the basics, and we can focus more on working with the modality to optimally support your growth and healing.
  • Access to the full version of both the Embodied Intelligence Self-Assessment, and the Emotion States Self-Assessment, so we can review your results and compare changes in multiple assessment results over time. Having this validated  assessment can be a very helpful reference point for us, especially at the beginning and the end of our work, to help understanding together more quickly and holsitically what's needing attention AND what is shifting over time.
  • Pre & Post Session Reflection Forms, filled out by you and read by me before & after our sessions, which significantly help optimize both our in-session effectiveness, and your learning & integration process.
  • Email support from me in between sessions about your practice homework, whenever you have questions.

Package & Pricing Options


3 Private Coaching Sessions

  • This shorter-length option is typically just for returning clients, and/or is available in conjunction with an Embodied Clarity Session
  • For returning clients, 3 sessions can work well, to come back and work on a specific issue, over the course of 1-2 months. 
A single payment of


Or 3 monthly payments of:



6 Private Coaching Sessions

  • This half-package of 6 sessions allows us to work on a variety of issues and make some good progress on them. 
  • Having 6 Sessions allows us time & space to work in a sustainable way on 1-2 main issues or 'limiting patterns.'
A single payment of


Or 3 monthly payments of:


Full Package (Recommended)

12 Private Coaching Sessions

  • This full package is specially recommended for first-time Clients wanting to do integrative, sustainable, embodiment re-patterning work.
  • Having 12 sessions allows us to work over a longer 3-9 month period, and make significant progress with multiple, interconnected 'issues.'
A single payment of


Or 5 monthly payments of:


Refund Policy:

A refund of your package, after the first session.

If after the first session you do not feel confident about continuing, or somehow feel it's not a fit for you, just let me know by email within a week and I'll refund you the rest of the session package amount, pro-rated. No questions asked.

Here's how you get started:

1: Determine if it's a good a fit 

I like to take time to get to know people and see if & how I could truly serve them—so kindly schedule a Discovery Session and let's talk! Potentially returning clients can schedule a 15-minute Zoom call.

2: Select your Coaching Package

12 sessions is what I recommend for first-time clients, though 6 sessions can also work well. The 3-Session Package is for returning clients, or in conjunction with an Embodied Clarity Session.

3: Schedule your initial Sessions

You'll receive a link in the confirmation email where you can schedule your first 1-3 Sessions. You can schedule for the very near future, or wait a few weeks to begin—it's up to you.

4: Prepare to work together...

1-2 days before our first session, please fill in a Pre-Session Questionnaire. Also, be sure to take the UZAZU Embodied Intelligence Self-Assessment, if you haven’t done so in the past 3-4 months. 

Interested in potentially working together?

Schedule a 45-Minute Discovery Session with me and let's explore if & how it might be a fit!
Monica Day

Dylan has such an amazing capacity for compassionate communication, and an intuitive skill in really getting to the core of the issue fast. I felt really supported and heard throughout my whole process. For me, the results have really lasted! It’s given me clarity, peace of heart and mind, release and a greater understanding and awareness of myself. I would definitely recommend people to work with Dylan. I found it to be profound and life-changing. I couldn't have done what I’ve done without his support and help.

Monica Day

dylan newcomb

About Dylan

Dylan Newcomb is the founder, lead researcher, trainer of the UZAZU Embodied Intelligence method. Recognized as one of the world's leading researchers, coaches, and trainers in the growing field of Embodiment, Dylan has taught, over the past 20 years, thousands of students across four continents how to transform the root causes of their unhealthy stress and step into a more full, joyous engagement with life. 

Dylan trained at the Juilliard School in both dance performance and music composition, and was a multi-award-winning choreographer-composer in the Netherlands for over a decade, before co-founding the Danslab Institute for Movement Research in 2001. There, he conducted cross-cultural research for several years, exploring how vocal sounds, breath, and movement influenced thought, emotion, and behavior—across hundreds of subjects. This research formed the basis for what has evolved, over the past 18 years, into the comprehensive personal growth modality now known as UZAZU Embodied Intelligence.

Dylan currently lives in Freeport Maine, in the woods, with his partner Kyung-sun Baek and their 11-year old daughter Kiana.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any prior knowledge & skill in UZAZU, or embodiment in general, to do these sessions?

Nope. Come as you are! I enjoy working with people of all backgrounds and levels of embodiment experience. That said—I've found, over my 18 years of doing this work, that when someone has a basic working knowledge of the 9 core postures we work with, in UZAZU Embodied Intelligence, that it makes working together during the session more efficient & effective. We can spend less time during the session helping you learn them. That's why I started simply including the basic training in UZAZU (a 6-hour online recorded training) for free along with the coaching package. I generally recommend people to complete the first 2 hours before or very soon after our first session, and to complete the rest during our first 2-3 sessions. Of course, you can also choose to go through it all before we begin our sessions as well—either way works fine.

If you have little movement experience and/or a lower degree of body-awareness (an ability to feel the specific qualities of your bodily feelings, in movement and/or stillness) then this same basic UZAZU training is a really good support & training to help with that as well.

If I purchase a coaching package now, do I have to use it immediately or can I wait a bit?

That's completely up to you. You can start immediately, or you can wait a few weeks to begin. If you plan to wait a bit before starting, kindly send me an email letting me know of your general intentions.

What’s the recommended frequency of these private sessions and can I adapt them to my schedule?

It’s your journey, so you set the rhythm. And yet—consistency does often tend to serve… I've learned over time that for most people, a weekly rhythm is ideal, and then every other week is very good when more space is desired to integrate and work on stuff in between. And it’s also fine to pause it for a few weeks sometime—because life, and vacations, etc. I have an online scheduler that I send you a link to, and you simply pick the times that work for you. I work Monday-Friday and generally have 2-3 slots available per day at USA & European time-zone friendly times. I make sure there's always space, and encourage you to book yourself out 2-3 weeks in advance—or more, if you prefer.

Is there any homework given or other things required of me, besides showing up for the sessions?

I'm glad you asked. Yes—I almost always give homework (except when it seems best not to.) And this typically consists of two things: 1-2 postures of 'Modes of Engagement' to keep working with (which we typically have already been working with during that session) and identifying 1-2 specific kinds of upcoming situations, or moments, where you'd like to experiment with intentionally activating and maintaining that kind of embodied state. Homework generally is generally about 10-20 minutes 2-3 times a week. More is fine too, but just 3x 10 minutes is actually already VERY helpful.

How do these coaching sessions relate to the UZAZU Embodied Intelligence Self-Assessment?

The UZAZU Embodied Intelligence Self-Assessment has been built (and rigorously tested) using the same underlying structure as the embodied modality of UZAZU. So when you take the assessment, it's implicitly answering the questions: How are these eight embodied Modes of Engagement playing out in my daily life? And to which degree am I experiencing balance and/or imbalances (or dysregulated states) in each of these ways of being & doing? Being able to look together at this results-map, gives us a very helpful shared understanding of what I like to call your 'ecology of embodied states.' And it helps us be very strategic in what kinds of re-patterning we want work on, and in which order. And you can then re-take the assessment after a few months, and track what has shifted. Taking this assessment before our first session is HIGHLY recommended!

What's the difference between these coaching sessions and the Embodied Clarity Session you offer?

The Embodied Clarity Session is a special, 2-hour session (as opposed to my normal 75-minute sessions) where we go through a conversational review of your current main life challenges & desires, and then explore them deeper by having you embody the main UZAZU Modes & States that seem most related to the core 'issues.' Much of this same kind of work tends to happen gradually, during the 'standard' 1-1 sessions, but this Embodied Clarity Session speeds up the cultivation of that overall clarity about your main limiting patterns. You can choose to do this session first and then start in with the 1-1 sessions, or add it in at any point during your sessions. Click here to learn more about the Embodied Clarity Session.